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COSEAL Surgical Sealant
COSEAL Surgical Sealant

Information contained in this page is intended for US Healthcare Professionals Only

Application Versatility That’s Clear

COSEAL Surgical Sealant is easy to apply how and where you want.

Translucent seal

Translucent seal
Helps to keep suture lines visible.

Can be sutured through

Can be sutured through
After polymerization, additional sutures can be placed through it without disturbing the seal.1

No refrigeration required

No refrigeration required
Can be stored at room temperature (approximately 25 ºC).2

Multiple application options

Multiple application options
May be used for focal and broad applications.2 Use caution when applying with pressurized gas.2

Common Applications

  • Aortic root repair
  • Aortic arch repair
  • Aortotomy
  • Aortic reconstruction
  • CABG
  • LVAD implantation
Peripheral Vascular
  • Carotid endarterectomy
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
  • Femoral-Femoral bypass (Fem-Fem)
  • Femoral-Popliteal bypass (Fem-Pop)
Common Applications
Examples of Application Points
Examples of Application Points
|  Aortic Arch Repair
|  Distal Coronary Anastomosis
Aortic Arch Repair
Distal Coronary Anastomosis

Versatile Application

For Broad Application
EASYSPRAY Pressure Regulator

EASYSPRAY Pressure Regulator

A control unit that uses pressurized gas for uniform spray delivery. The EASYSPRAY Pressure Regulator enables an aerosolized spray application at the control of the surgeon's fingertip. The EASYSPRAY device is to be used only with spray sets specified for use with this pressure regulator.


COSEAL Spray Set for EASYSPRAY Regulator

A disposable set to be attached to the COSEAL syringe for gas activation. Please note that the COSEAL Spray Set is sold separately from the COSEAL Surgical Sealant Kit. Available in cases of 10 each consisting of tubing and 2 sprayheads.

For Focal Application
Flex Direct Tips

Flex Direct Tips

Each COSEAL kit contains 2 applicator tips, a 7-cm applicator, and a 22-cm applicator for MIS procedures.

Rx Only

Rx Only. For safe and proper use of these devices, refer to complete Instructions for Use.

COSEAL Surgical Sealant Indication

COSEAL is indicated for use in vascular reconstructions to achieve adjunctive hemostasis by mechanically sealing areas of leakage.

COSEAL Important Risk Information

  • COSEAL is not to be used in place of sutures, staples or mechanical closure.
  • Use caution when applying with pressurized gas.
  • Do not inject COSEAL into vessels.

For more Information, please see Detailed Important Risk Information and Instructions For Use.

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